BC NDP exposes Christy Clark’s secret plan to bring back the HST

NORTH VANCOUVER—John Horgan and the BC NDP are exposing Christy Clark’s secret plan to hike taxes on businesses and consumers by bringing back the HST.

“Christy Clark’s real agenda is coming out in the final days of this campaign. We know her rich donors want to bring back the HST, and her candidates have let slip that the HST will be revived,” said BC NDP Leader John Horgan.

“Christy Clark contradicted herself on the campaign, first saying she would consider a value-added tax, and then she tried to deny it. But how can people believe her now? No matter what she calls it, it’s clear that Christy Clark has a plan to bring back the HST.”

In the 2009 campaign, the BC Liberals said they wouldn’t bring in the HST. A month after the election they announced the HST. In 2017, BC Liberal candidates have hinted that the HST would be revived.

The HST (a value-added tax) shifted $2 billion from businesses to people and cost the average family at least $800 more per year. Accounting for inflation, a new value added tax would likely cost the typical family about $1,000 more every year.

“Christy Clark wants to bring in the HST-by-another-name after the election, just like last time. But British Columbians won’t be fooled again. It’s time to come together, defeat the BC Liberals and elect a Premier who looks out for regular people instead the top two per cent,” said Horgan.

Photo available here: https://flic.kr/p/Tbh4xW