Weaver: Most of BC Green team convinced “they will never ever work with” NDP in minority government

In a speech to the Powell River Chamber of Commerce this week, Andrew Weaver indicated that most of his team would refuse to work with an NDP minority government.

While discussing his view of the behaviour of NDP supporters on social media, Weaver said:

“It has convinced most of my team that they will never ever work with that party if that party were to form government.” (clip)

The event was hosted by the Powell River Chamber of Commerce, whose directors have donated more than $12,600 to the BC Liberal Party, and was promoted on Facebook by former Liberal MLA and Christy Clark biographer Judi Tyabji.

Weaver was introduced by Pat Hull, whose company has donated to the BC Liberals and whose Facebook likes include Christy Clark, Matthew Wilson, and Christy Clark’s biography (written by Tyabji).

Weaver interrupted his speech to note the presence of Clark government appointee Gordon Wilson, who warmly greeted Weaver.